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Best high-end real estate agent in west Auckland

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High-end house west Auckland

Tips On Choosing A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your High-End Home in West Auckland

High-end house west Auckland

High-end house west Auckland

If you are the owner of a very expensive piece of real estate in the west Auckland area, specifically a multi-million dollar home, you will have to find a realtor that is highly skilled at marketing high-end houses in west Auckland so that you can sell it as quickly as possible or for the best price you can. Instead of using the first realtor that you find online, it’s important to do a little bit of research to locate the best one for the job. In this article, we will show you how to choose the best high-end real estate agent in west Auckland that can get your property into the hands of a willing buyer that will purchase your home in the next few weeks or months.

Why West Auckland High-End Real Estate Is Difficult To Sell

This might be obvious to most people, but there is one particular reason why expensive real estate is more difficult to sell than regular homes. It has to do with targeting the right people, individuals that will have no problem purchasing a multi-million dollar home simply because they can. When you are marketing real estate on the Internet, or if people find your listing in the NZ Real Estate website, these are people that are not targeted in most cases. Your goal is to focus only on those that have a substantial amount of money to work with, or that have a track record for purchasing homes that are extremely expensive. Although you could do online marketing such as PPC advertising, or even build a website to attract possible buyers, the easiest way is to simply talk to realtors that already have these contacts, allowing you to bypass a multitude of people that simply will not have the money.

How To Evaluate High-end Real Estate Agents In West Auckland

Instead of spending your time and money marketing to a general audience, some of which might be interested in your multi-million dollar home, you just need to find one real estate agent who has sold homes of this price level before. They will likely have several people in mind that might be interested in making another purchase.

People that have this type of money can purchase multiple homes in many cases. They may have a son or daughter that would like to own a home of their own. Other people simply purchase properties as an investment, or as a rental where they can earn money each month.

high end west auckland real estate agent

David Whitley – high end west Auckland real estate agent

By evaluating the local realtors, or even those that work for national real estate organisations, you can quickly determine which one will be your best choice by looking at what other people have said about their experience with each realtor. This information is freely available online from Google, Yelp, and other review sites where local businesses are being discussed. Make a small list of three or four high-end real estate agents that look likely candidates, and then interview each one. It is likely that one of them will stand out and be able to sell your home to a willing buyer that has the cash to do so.

This type of research will not take very long. There are likely only a few that work with multi-million dollar homes that are successful. By narrowing your list to only a few realtors, and by having a conversation with each one, you can find the best high-end real estate agent in west Auckland that can sell your high-end real estate in the shortest period of time or for the highest price possible.

For more information on selling high-end real estate in west Auckland, David Whitley has sold some of the most expensive property in the area. He will be happy to give you some advice on how to maximise your sale objectives.